17 August 2011 Jupiter 6-7

17 August 2011 Jupiter 6-7
Achievement of JICA Technical Cooperation Project “The Project for Capacity Development and Institutional Strengthening for GHG Mitigation in the Kingdom of Thailand”
Mr. Masahiko Fujimoto, Chief Advisor of JICA Expert Team
Climate Change Law and Negotiations
Ms. Weerada Tivasuradej, TGO
02_JICA.pdf 18.3 MB
Basic Knowledge about Carbon Trading and CDM
Ms. Sumon Sumetchoengprachya, TGO


Dr. Paweena Panichayapichet, TGO

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PDD Development of Pilot Project: Biogas generation from food waste in Bangkok

Ms. Wiriya Puntub, TGO
Mr. Yoshihiro Mizuno, JICA Expert
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Mitigation Mechanism in Forestry Sector: A/R CDM and REDD+
Ms. Anna Kiewchaum, TGO
06_JICA.pdf 15.4 MB
PDD Development of Pilot Project: Mangrove Reforestation for Carbon Sequestration in Chanthaburi Province
Ms. Anna Kiewchaum, TGO
Mr. Osamu Isoda, JICA Expert
07_JICA.pdf 1.69 MB
GHG Mitigation Measures in Thailand
Dr. Paweena Panichayapichet, TGO
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Carbon Footprint: What is it and why is it important?
Ms.Pakamon Supappunt, TGO
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LCA Related Issues and Calculation of Carbon Footprint
Mr.Thada Varoonchotikul , TGO
GHG Inventory and GHG Inventory in Relevant Sectors  
Thailand National GHG Inventory: Overview, Energy & IPPU Sectors
Mr .Chessada Sakulku, TGO
National GHG Inventory: AFOLU and Waste Sectors
Ms. Wasinee Cheunban, TGO
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